Our ability to outperform our competitors within contingent/PSL frameworks has been highlighted by many of our clients, largely due to our focus on quality over quantity, resulting in a significantly higher fill ratio than the industry average.

Whilst contingent recruitment is adopted by many firms for positions below executive level, the model does have flaws and can encourage mediocrity amongst many recruitment suppliers who will race to introduce non-exclusive active jobseekers regardless of calibre. If your priority is identifying the best possible individual available for your requirement or to retain greater control over your employer profile our recommendation would be an exclusive instruction:


Exclusive and Retained Search

There are several benefits to you when leaving a hiring requirement with us exclusively. For a start, the very least you can expect is to receive the same results as a multi-supplier search, but with a significant saving in time.

Rather than reviewing 12-16 introductions, our task will be to fill your interview slots with the best-qualified and most interested applicants. We would suggest 3-4 interviews being sufficient, but will agree this with you in advance.

Our consultants will send a controlled and consistent message to the market in representing your business and will prioritise your requirement over contingent instructions.

For certain positions a retained search may be the best option, securing a significant investment of search time and an enhanced level of candidate qualification and exclusivity. We’re very happy to discuss and agree a flexible pricing solution for retained instructions.

For more information please call us on 020 3941 1068

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